Cherry Blossoms

Interview expenses

Dean's Office contact: Linda Nelson, Debbie Olson

The Dean's Office maintains an allocation for limited assistance in bringing to the campus candidates for state-supported faculty positions. Assistance may be requested under the following conditions:

(1) If the search is authorized to be filled at a tenured level, the College will assist in funding the travel of one candidate.

(2) Where there is under-representation, the College will support the travel of minority and women candidates. Additional travel assistance may be requested when the unit has succeeded in attracting an extraordinarily diverse group of candidates. On the request form, include a statement about how the applicant will diversify your faculty and/or the University.

(3) If a unit has an unusually large number of faculty vacancies to fill, additional assistance may be negotiated.

To ensure reimbursement of interview expenses, the unit/department must:

Reimbursements are limited to one visit per candidate and to airfare and lodging travel expenses only. Lodging assistance is limited to three days maximum unless it can be shown that additional per diem allows a savings in airfare and total travel costs.