Research Proposal A&S Deadlines 
Internal Deadlines for Proposals to Outside Agencies
April 2013

Reference OSP’s GIM #19:
For submission to be considered timely, proposals should be to OSP 7 days prior to sponsor deadline.
To insure OSP has time to submit, proposals MUST be received by OSP by 5:00pm, 3 days prior to sponsor deadline. (Example:  Sponsor deadline is Friday; proposal must reach OSP by 5:00pm  Tuesday.)

The College of Arts & Sciences has established an earlier FINAL proposal deadline:  12:00 noon three days prior to sponsor deadline.   
(Example:  Sponsor deadline is Friday; proposal must reach A&S Dean’s Office by NOON on Tuesday.)
Proposals received after noon, 3 days prior to sponsor deadline, risk non-review/approval at our Dean’s level.
If you hit this 3-day deadline, it is advisable to contact the Dean’s Office in the morning so we are aware of the urgent need for review (Ann DePasquale and/or Vicky Palm.)

The Dean’s Office urges proposal submission at least 7-10 days ahead;
3 days ahead at noon is our final deadline for review/approval.

Please note that your department/administrative units very likely have their own internal deadlines.  Other Colleges also have internal policies, some which are consistent with CAS policy and some which are not.  All of these are in place to ensure time for thorough review and correction of possible errors on proposals.

The A&S Dean’s Office asks for proposals at least 48 hours before OSP’s deadline, which calculates to 5:00PM, five business days prior to sponsor deadline.  Proposals which meet this timeline are guaranteed review by the Dean’s approvers.  For last-minute proposals, we will process those received by 12:00 noon , three days prior to sponsor deadline, but cannot guarantee approval for proposals received later.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO PLAN AHEAD FOR PROPOSAL SUBMISSION.  It is ideal to have your proposal ready to start the review process 7-10 business days before sponsor deadline.

Contact:  Vicky Palm, A&S Dean’s Office