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Research: Sample Budget Justification


*Compiled March/2013, A.DePasquale

 Sample Budget Justification

Title: UW Research Project

Project Period 10/1/13 to 9/30/18

Budget Period 10/1/13 to 9/30/14


Senior Personnel:

There is one primary investigator and two co-investigators:

Dr. Francis Connor, Assistant Professor, will be the principal investigator leading the research. The PI is on a 9-month academic year appointment at $63,000 and requests two months of summer salary ($14,000).

Dr. Bob Davis, Associate Professor, is a Co-PI and will assist in the project. He is also on a 9-month academic year appointment at $72, 000 and requests 1.25 months of summer salary ($10,000).

Dr. Janet Ling, Associate Professor, is the second PI.  She is on a 12 month-calendar year appointment at $72,000 and requests 2 months’ salary ($12,000).

Other Personnel:

Ms. Julie Strong, a full time research technician on staff, will devote 50% of her time to this project ($16,000) to prepare samples for analysis and record results.

Support is requested for one graduate student at $12,000 (name, TBD). The student will collect samples under supervision of the PI and Co-PIs.

Consultant Services

Dr. Walter Phillips, chief scientist for MMC Systems, Inc. will act as a consultant in the interpretation of certain sample analysis results. His rate is $300 per day for 5 days plus an estimated $1,000 in travel costs.


Printing costs are estimated at $800 for journal page charges and $700 for the production of 30 copies of a final report as required by the sponsor.


The PI and Co-PIs will travel to two technical conferences at an estimated cost of $1,000 per conference. The project will need $2,000 for local travel by graduate students and faculty for sample collection (auto mileage and meal allowances).

$1,500 is budgeted for the PI to travel to an international conference to present research results.

 Supplies & Materials

Total request of $9,500 is based on estimates of $4,500 for consumable lab supplies, $3,500 for chemicals for sample analysis and $1,500 for specialized sample containers.


Support is requested to purchase a single-axis cryogenic piezo actuator to be used exclusively on this project. The catalog price quoted by the manufacturer for this item is $15,000.

Retirement and Benefits

Fringe benefits are calculated at 26.9% of salary for PI and Co-PIs, 37.7% for the research tech and 14.2% for the graduate students; as set forth in the rate agreement with DHHS dated September 22,2011.

Student Aid

Support for graduate student tuition is requested in the amount of ($18,893). This is $4723 X 4 quarters of tuition. It is the policy of the University of Washington that sponsored projects pay the tuition of the graduate student supported by the project.


Dr. Marilyn Johnson, of Azalea University, will provide specialized statistical analysis work in connection with final completion of project data ($5,000).

Sample collection analysis for the control group will be performed at Cedar College, under the supervision of Dr. Albert Murray ($35,000).

Facilities and Administrative Costs

F&A costs of $97,239 are based upon the University’s approved F&A rate of 54.5% of the MTDC base of $178,420 (total direct costs less $15,000 for equipment, $18,892 for tuition and $10,000 for Cedar College subcontract costs over $25,000). This is per agreement with DHHS dated September 22,2011.