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A&S Department Names Taxonomy

In order to more systemically share data across web sites and various administrative systems, we have developed a provisional taxonomy for identifying our departments, centers and other units in news stories, events listings, profiles and other content.  The system is provisional and may need adjustment as central Advancement and/or Marketing implement university-wide solutions.

CASDEPTID X A unique identifier used in the taxonomy table
Full Name X The entire name of unit, which may include the parent unit:  “The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies Canadian Studies Center”
Long Name X The name of the unit, in many cases will be the same as the full name of the unit: “Jackson School of International Studies Canadian Studies Center”
Short Name X A shorter version of the unit name: “Canadian Studies”.  For units outside the College of Arts & Sciences, same as Long Name, including "College" or "School."
Machine Name X A short machine readable version of the name, eschews punctuation, capital letters, special characters and spaces: “canada”
Org Code   Org code used in the UW Finance System
MarComm Code X Three letter code used by Arts & Sciences Marketing and Communcations
Unit Type X CAS unit type having only one of the following values (6): Division, Department, Center, Degree Program, Fund Only, External, Other
CAS Division   CAS division type which can contain multiple values (5): Arts Division, Humanities Division, Natural Sciences Division, Social Sciences Division, College-wide
Parent   A field to specify parent unit

Implementation and Changes: A “master” taxonomy will be created and hosted on a central Arts & Sciences web server, on the Administrative Gateway site.  All sites developed by the A&S web team after 7/1/2013 will use the taxonomy and provide rss feeds for news events using the prescribed vocabulary.  We will publicize the taxonomy and encourage departmental implementation.  Once a central system capable of collecting the rss feeds is in production (or imminent), the current A&S main site,, and Department Framework sites will convert to this taxonomy and provide feeds. 

Any changes to the taxonomy will be discussed by the team before being executed.

Questions to Shane Fricks,, rev. 09/20/2018