The process for requesting a new course fee or changing an existing fee has changed as of October 2015 for all College of Arts & Sciences courses.  

What to know: 

Course fees are charged for some course sections in addition to tuition.  The College of Arts and Sciences is charged with assessing New Course Fees and Course Fee Increases to determine if they are both necessary and accurately priced.  Course fees are reviewed by the College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Council for Students (ASACS) before they are approved by the college. Departments are encouraged to submit course fee requests as early as feasible.

How to request a new course fee, or request a change to an existing course fee:

These instructions are for College of Arts & Sciences courses only.

Course fee requests are accepted through the College's Drop Box web site.

  • Download the Course Fees form.  Down load Excel Now
  • Open the blank form in Excel and then immediatly save it as DEPARTMENT_ COURSE PREFIX_COURSE NUMBER.  Example: Biology_BIO_101
  • Fill in the form.
  • Save the form again.
  • Go to the Course Fee Requests folder on the Arts & Sciences Drop Box.
  • Click on Upload.

Graphic of Drop Box with Upload circled


Alternative Online Method
  • Go to the Course Fee Requests folder on the Arts & Sciences Drop Box.
  • Click on the file called Course fee request form. The form will open in Excel Online.
  • Under Edit Workbook (upper right), select Edit in Excel Online.

Graphic of Excel Online with Edit in Excel highlighted

  • An editable versions of the Excel sheet is now available.  Click File (upper left) and elect Save As  and then Save As (Save a copy online). 
  • Continue to save a new version of the form naming it DEPARTMENT_COURSE PREFIX_COURSE NUMBER.  Example:Biology_BIO_101
  • Complete the form. 
  • The form is automatically saving as you fill it out.
  • You are done.

Questions about the form should be directed to Janet Yale. 
Technical issues should be sent to