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Dean's Office Proposal Review Criteria

Revised July 2018

CAS Dean’s Office Proposal Review Criteria

To make our review process more transparent, we’ve outlined specifics we need and the criteria we use when reviewing proposals. (Reference GIM 1 for criteria OSP needs for review.) Our review is not meant to nullify the diligence that each department should take in reviewing the proposal before it reaches our office; per GIM 1 the department reviewer/approver is responsible for these administrative areas:

  • Budget calculations are correct and all costs are allowable; current fringe & F&A rates used
  • Personnel are available and qualified to participate; appointment information is accurate & Institutional Base Salary (IBS) has been verified
  • Any proposed cost-share is accurate and proper documentation is included
  • Necessary facilities to conduct project are/or will be available
  • F&A waiver and/or GIM 19 waiver is approved and attached, if necessary

Necessary documents needed before Dean’s review can begin

If your sponsor does not have specific forms, please make a note in the comments. However, we will be looking for documents that correspond with the following:

  • Draft proposal (at the minimum) with final scope of work. Since the Dean’s Office does not have access to government online interfaces [e.g. NSF Fastlane,, etc.], you will need to attach a PDF file of these proposals
  • Sponsor’s face page – must be in final form  Example Facepage
  • Sponsor’s budget page(s) – must be in final form
  • Sponsor’s budget justification – must be in final form
  • Spreadsheet outlining budget calculations, fringe rates used, etc., if not using SAGE budget module
  • Any contract, IPA or sharing agreements, etc.

If the UW is a subcontractor, grant content should indicate the UW’s role in the project and the e-GC1 should identify the lead organization’s PI and the source of funds 

Criteria reviewed by Dean’s office staff

  • All items listed above are included; see GIM 1
  • URL for RFP listed on eGC-1
  • All financial requirements of RFP met
  • Project dates and costs correspond between eGC-1 and sponsor documents
  • Individual listed as PI is eligible under CAS guidelines; for guidelines, see A&S factsheet:
  • Check that sponsor due date is within GIM 19 guidelines; if not, waiver must be attached
  • Although we don’t specifically check grammar and punctuation, if we see errors we will approve the eGC1 and  make a note in the comments


  • Correct fringe rates used, as per GIM 3
  • Correct F&A rate used, as per GIM 13
  • All participant effort clarified; either in salary or as cost share: see GIM 21
  • If cost share and/or matching are indicated, all relevant documentation is attached to the eGC-1
  • Any administrative costs that are included are justified for project necessity, as per GIM 23
  • Any equipment indicated is above the $5,000 threshold; as per EICO's website.


Please add additional notes in the comments section of the eGC-1 if:

  • You have been unable to provide any of the above information and why
  • Your proposal includes anything out of the ordinary
  • You have been in contact with anyone from OSP and they have instructed you on how to proceed