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How to get SAGE data from the BI Portal - Slide Deck

Research Administration Learning - Research Administration Data: Visualizations and Reports Class

Did you know you can find answers to questions such as “how many proposals has my department submitted?” without using SAGE? This class will introduce participants with little or no data experience to the Research Administration Data ecosystem: What research administration data tools are available? What types of questions can be answered with these tools? We’ll cover the research administration data available through the BI Portal, including Visualizations and Reports, and what to consider when choosing which tool to use. Basic knowledge of Excel is helpful but not required for this course. Participants will need EDW access prior to attending. This course will not cover how to use the RAD data cube.

2019 Annual Report

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The Office of Research releases an annual report detailing the awards & expenditures related to research, training, fellowships & other sponsored programs.

2019 UW Annual Report