Dean's Office contact: Debbie Olson

General Information

Under the UW's service and recharge center policy, deans are responsible for the monitoring and review of rates in the recharge operations (CTI charges) of general operating budgets, recharge centers, and other self-sustaining activities. See the Management Accounting and Analysis website for more information.

Rate Proposals

A copy of the current rate structure for each Service Center must be sent to Debbie Olson biennually (every two years) by your center's due date.

Semiannual Reports (Close of June and December)

If you have a Recharge Center, then you are only required to send semiannual financial reports to the Dean’s Office. Please e-mail your reports directly to Debbie Olson.

If you have a Service Center, then you are required to send semiannual fiancial reports reports to Management Accounting and Analysis AND the Dean’s Office. Please send quarterly reports directly to MAA and copyDebbie Olson.