Academic Personnel (faculty)

Ivy Mason

Access Forms for SDB

Debbie Olson

Advancement, Arts & Humanities

Kara Hefley

Advancement, Corporate & Foundation Relations

Felicia Gonzalez

Advancement, Natural Sciences

Ric Thomas

Advancement, Social Sciences

Jennifer Aydelott

Agency Accounts

Debbie Olson, Linda Nelson

Appointments, Faculty

Ivy Mason

Assistant to Assoc Dean for Advancement

Kristin Weinman

Assistant to Assoc Dean for Educational Programs

Janet Yale

Assistant to Assoc Dean for Research Admin & Infrastructure

Maggie Luning

Assistant to Divisional Dean of Natural Sciences

Barbara Mack

Assistant to Divisional Dean of Social Sciences

Janet Yale

Assistant to Dean Stacey

Margie Ramsdell

Assistant to Divisional Dean of Arts

Barbara Mack

Assistant to Divisional Dean of Humanities

Barbara Mack

Associate Dean for Advancement

Tracy Ostrem

Associate Dean for Educational Programs

Kevin Mihata

Associate Dean for Research Administration & Infrastructure

Steve Majeski

ASTRA Authorizations

Linda Neslon, Debbie Olson, Vicky Palm

Budgets, State & Non-federal

Linda Nelson

Classified Staff

Sue Barnhart, Linda Nelson

College Council

Margie Ramsdell

College newsletter (A&S Perspectives)

Nancy Joseph

Communications & Marketing

Candice Douglass


Bart Hamilton, Ron Kline, Kirk Wolden-Hanson


Kevin Mihata, Janet Yale

Data Services

Richard Luning, Bob Blum

Dean of Arts & Sciences

Robert Stacey

Divisional Dean of Arts

Catherine Cole

Divisional Dean of Humanities

Michael Shapiro

Divisional Dean of Natural Sciences

Werner Stuetzle

Divisional Dean of Social Sciences

Judy Howard

Emeritus Rehires

Carol Rush

Excess Compensation for Faculty

Ivy Mason

Excess Compensation for Staff

Sue Barnhart, Linda Nelson


Leita Bain

Faculty (academic personnel)

Ivy Mason

Finance & Human Resources

Linda Nelson

Graduate Student Appointments (TAs)

Kevin Mihata, Linda Nelson

Grant & Contract Proposals, Awards

Vicky Palm

Indirect Costs (IDC), RCR

Vicky Palm

Intellectual Property

Terry Grant

Interview Expenses, Faculty

Linda Nelson

Junior Faculty Development Awards

Carol Rush

Leave Applications

Ivy Mason

Moving Expenses

Debbie Olson

Professional Staff

Sue Barnhart

Professorships & Endowed Chairs

Debbie Olson

Promotion Matters

Margie Ramsdell


Nancy Joseph

Reappointments, Faculty

Ivy Mason

Reception, Front Office

Liz Herlevi


Sue Barnhart

Relocation Incentive Payment

Debbie Olson, Linda Nelson

Renewals for Assistant Professors

Ivy Mason

Request for Approval of Outside Professional Work

Ivy Mason


Vicky Palm

Research Cost Recovery (RCR), IDC

Vicky Palm

Shared Services

Heidi Tilghman

Signatures, Academic Personnel

Ivy Mason

Signatures, Classified & Professional staff

Sue Barnhart, Linda Nelson

Signatures, Graduate Student

[not required]

Space Requests

Leita Bain, Steve Majeski

Tenure Matters

Margie Ramsdell

Undergraduate Education

Kevin Mihata, Janet Yale

Visa Requests

Ivy Mason

Web & Collaboration Services

Shane Fricks