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Moving expenses

Arts & Sciences specific policies

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The state of Washington and thus the College of Arts and Sciences allow up to 16,000 pounds of eligible household goods to be covered under their moving expense policies. The College will provide up to $5,000 maximum of the allowable costs of moving the household only. Once the move has been completed, the employee will be billed for any costs disallowed by state contract or state law, or in the case of a self-move will not be reimbursed. These non-covered/non-reimbursable costs include:  (1) the cost of shipping any ineligible items, (2) the cost of shipping weight in excess of 16,000 pounds (even if the total bill is less than $5,000), (3) costs in excess of the $5,000 maximum (even if the weight does not exceed 16,000 pounds).

Moving expenses may be offered as part of the offer of a permanent appointment; however, certain restrictions apply, and units should be familiar with the College's moving expenses policies.

While Washington state regulations allow institutions to pay certain associated costs involved in moving new employees, including travel and per diem, the College will not pay travel and per diem costs, even if the total of moving costs does not exceed $5,000. Departments may, if they desire and have funding available, pay for travel and per diem expenses from their own resources.

Upon acceptance of an offer of permanent employment, the new faculty member should be referred to the Web sites (which are listed in the enclosure to the sample offer letter) for College, University, and state moving expense policies.

University & state web sites

For University policies on moving expenses, see

For Washington state regulations on moving expenses, see

Lump sum moving expense payment

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After the individual has been hired into Workday, the unit's HCM Initiate 2 must complete and submit a One-time Payment request in Workday.