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Faculty Fellows Program

What is it?  The Faculty Fellows Program orients new faculty to the University campus community. The Program is facilitated by a number of campus educators, including those that have received campus-wide teaching awards. Presenters and facilitators actively engage participants on a number of topics including, but not limited to, panel discussions with UW students, effective teaching methods and techniques for balancing the demands of successful teaching and research.

When is this program offered?   The dates for this three day program vary but generally start no early than the Tuesday after Labor Day and end no later than September 15th.

Do participants receive compensation?  The Dean’s Office for the College of Arts and Sciences will provide one week of salary to be paid between September 1 – 15th to eligible new hires within the College of Arts and Sciences.  This compensation will be transferred to the appropriate department budget via a budget revision.  Participants should be entered into Payroll as 50% FTE for 9/1-9/15.  If the individual is a foreign national they must retain 100% FTE, so departments will need to fund the other 50% through department funds or start-up.

Who is eligible?  New tenure track faculty, new senior lecturers or new full-time lecturers with multi-year appointments hired under approved searches.   

For more information: Visit the faculty fellows web site.