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Promotion document upload

Dean's Office contact: Margie Ramsdell

The College of Arts & Sciences has moved our promotion process to Interfolio.  You will no longer be required to submit hard copies of the promotion dossier; submission will be through Interfolio only. The electronic copy is due in the Dean's office by the date outlined on our Calendar of Annual Due Dates.


Only the DESIGNATED administrator(s) in each unit are authorized to create a case in Interfolio.  The administrators have been granted permission and can add permissions within the department. 

  1. Create the promotion case in Interfolio using our step-by-step process guide.
  2. Prepare your documents.  All departmental documents should be prepared and uploaded to Interfolio
    • Promotion and tenure recommendation checklist
    • Candidate's confirmation of receipt of advisory council report (if unfavorable or conflicts with faculty vote)
    • Chair/director letter
    • Confirmation candidate was provided copy of faculty report with opportunity to respond
    • Candidate's confirmation receipt and response (if submitted) to faculty report
    • Joint chair/director letter and review documents (if applicable)
    • Tenure Split documentation (if applicable)
    • Adjunct chair/director concurrence (if applicable)
    • Unit committee report (if applicable)
    • Confirmation candidate was provided copy of committee report with opportunity to respond
    • Candidate’s confirmation of receipt and response (if submitted) to committee report
    • 3-5 external letters of evaluation (these will be requested in Interfolio)
    • Teaching evaluations (peer) - Required each year for assistant professors and lecturers, every 3 years for associate professors; also required in year leading up to promotion
  3. The Candidate will need to upload specific documents
    • Self-Assessment
    • Curriculum Vitae (including bibliography)
    • Student teaching evaluations (not required if the faculty member holds a research title)
    • Research/Creative Portfolio
  4. Once all documents are uploaded in Interfolio, the case will need to be sent forward to the College for review.