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Additional Ways to Thank & Steward Donors

Meaningful engagement is a cornerstone of good stewardship as is knowing how donors/stewardees have been engaged with. When you see donors/stewardees at an event or send them a personal update on the work happening thanks to their philanthropic support, please let your department's major gift officer or the CAS Advancement Services team know. This will help us accurately document our donors' engagement and relationships with the College.

  • Things to consider:
    • Enlist your chair, committee members, or a student to personally call donors to say thank you
    • Send handwritten notes or postcards from the field
    • Invite your donors to see their impact in person through visits or events
    • Send videos from researchers, faculty, or students
    • Send photos that would be meaningful to the donor
    • Make use of your department's social media channels by creating posts that:
      • Provide examples of the impact of private giving on students, faculty or programs
      • Recognize major gifts and their intended impact
      • Show photos of class projects, presentations, travel, conferences that were made possible due to philanthropic support
      • Show student recipients or endowed faculty appointment holders and the type of philanthropic support they are receiving 
      • Tweet specific thank you statements to donors

Please be keenly aware of privacy preferences for donors, students, and faculty/staff; always seek permission before posting to or calling someone out on social media.


This page last updated 10/30/2020.