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To get a report with information about gifts received by your department or center in order to craft acknowledgments, use the EXPRESSthanks report on Reportal.

Using EXPRESSthanks

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Access to EXPRESSthanks requires access to the Advance database as well as completion of confidentiality training. You can request access to Advance (and, therefore,  EXPRESSthanks) by completing the Alumni/Donor Database Access Form online. You'll be prompted to complete a confidentiality course on Canvas as part of the process.

User Guide

If you are new to EXPRESSthanks or have questions about how to use the tool, Information Management has published a User Guide for your reference.

Special Tips

When donors give to the University, they often have the chance to enter comments and notes with their gift. These often include special instructions, or provide important information about the donor's motivation for giving and what they hope to accomplish by investing in the UW. Keep an eye out for information in two columns near the middle of the EXPRESSthanks report: "PRIM GIFT COMMENT" and "PRIM GIFT NOTES."


If you, or any of your colleagues that produce gift acknowledgments, are in need of training to use EXPRESSthanks, please reach out to Information Management Reporting Services directly at

Request a Custom Report

A successful part of acknowledging our donors is providing accurate data that is easy to use. Information Management Reporting Services has developed EXPRESSthanks with flexibility to accommodate your stewardship data needs. Customization can be as simple as removing or reorganizing columns. It can also be complex and specialized to fit a specific stewardship goal. Complete the online Custom Build Request Form to communicate your output preferences so the reporting team can begin the build process. Further consultation may be required depending on the complexity of the build.

Missing the Gift Activity Report (GAR)?

If you used to use the old Gift Activity Report (GAR) for purposes other than gift acknowledgments, there are several other reports available on Reportal that may meet your reporting needs. Visit our Reports page for a list of reports that might be useful for you.


This page last updated 10/30/2020.