Cherry Blossoms

Portfolios and Prospective Donors

Major gift officers each manage a portfolio of donors and prospective donors. They work closely with academic units and others at the College to make sure the people in their portfolio have a meaningful relationship with the College and its departments, centers, or programs. Major gift officers develop and document strategies that engage our donors and prospects through purposeful, personalized steps that can lead to an ask for support.

Prospective donors are included in major gift officer portfolios because they have been identified as having some interest in or level of engagement with the College. Major gift officers work to determine the specifics of the prospect's interests, their capacity and inclination to give to the UW, their relationship to the University, how they would like to be involved with the UW community, and their overall philanthropic goals. If deemed appropriate, Major Gift Officers will continue to cultivate these prospects for a solicitation sometime in the future.


This page was last updated 10/23/2020.