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Advancement Services: Thanking & Engaging

Below are the activities completed by the CAS Advancement Services team to steward our donors on behalf of the entire College of Arts & Sciences.

What Donors Receive from the College

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Acknowledgments from the Dean

The CAS Advancement Services team sends weekly gift acknowledgments from the Dean on behalf of the College thanking the donor for their gift.

Faculty Appointment Award and Impact Letters

Letters announcing faculty appointments supported by philanthropic funds are sent out each fall by the CAS Advancement Services team as faculty appointments are confirmed. The CAS Advancement Services team also sends new appointment announcements to the Marketing & Communications team for publication in the Awards & Honors section of Perspectives and collects impact letters from appointed faculty members each winter to share with the donors who've supported their work.

Dean's Office Scholarship/Fellowship Letters

The CAS Advancement Services team works closely with the Dean's Office to steward those donors who've supported scholarships and fellowships administered by the Dean's Office. We also utilize Beneficiary Portal to collect letters from students receiving scholarships managed by the Dean's Office and share those with the donors who support those funds.

Because these student letters are collected through Beneficiary Portal, they are also available to donors online in the "My Impact" section of the My UW Giving portal.

Quarterly Stewardship Emails

The CAS Advancement Services team produces and sends quarterly stewardship emails to all donors who've supported the College in the past 18 months, as well as Henry Suzzallo Society members who have some affiliation with the College of Arts & Sciences. These stewardship emails feature faculty, student, and program stories supported by philanthropic gifts, and they also provide links to events and other ways that donors can engage with the College. If you have a story you'd like us to share with this audience, contact CAS Advancement Services.

Broad-Based Impact Reporting

In addition to sharing Arts & Sciences stories of impact through quarterly stewardship emails, the CAS Advancement Services team works to share broad-based impact reports with our donors. While these reports don't necessarily include information about the specific fund a donor supported, they do contain relevant examples of the kind of impact their gifts make.

For those donors who have given $5,000 or more to an endowed fund, central Advancement sends an annual Consolidated Endowment Fund (CEF) Report that informs those donors and stewardees about the financial health of the overall CEF as well as the individual fund(s) they support. This information is also available to donors online through the My UW Giving portal.

Henry Suzzallo Society

The College of Arts & Sciences makes a special point to steward our relationships with members of the Henry Suzzallo Society (HSS) who are affiliated with the College. HSS members receive our quarterly stewardship emails. We also send a special broad-based impact report to them in the fall, and they receive a thank you card from the Dean in the spring.

Individualized Stewardship Plans

The CAS Advancement Services team works closely with frontline fundraisers to identify those top donors and prospects for the College who would benefit from customized stewardship plans that facilitate a closer relationship with the College. These individual plans vary from donor to donor and are deeply dependent on the individual donor's interests and preferences. These plans may include things like custom impact reports, visits with faculty or leadership, or invitations to events.


This page last updated 10/30/2020.