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Advancement Services & Donor Stewardship

Last updated 6/9/2021


The College of Arts & Sciences’ Advancement Services team works closely with both our central colleagues and our academic unit partners to develop processes, manage resources, and analyze information that ensures we are effective stewards of our Arts & Sciences alumni, friends, and gift funds. 


We strive to provide actionable and transparent resources that allow for streamlined processes, accessible reporting and analysis, and, ultimately, provide support for informed and strategic decision-making related to the College of Arts & Sciences Advancement priorities.


Our activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing tools and processes to acknowledge donor gifts and improve donor stewardship
  • Drafting and managing gift agreements and amendments (both for endowments and current use funds)
  • Ensuring annual reporting to donors of endowments
  • Reporting on impact to special donor populations
  • Reporting on fundraising performance analytics
  • Developing data and technical systems that support the advancement priorities of the College
  • Suggesting best practices to improve the effectiveness of departmental stewardship and stakeholder engagement

Contact the Team

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Have questions or need some support? You can email the Advancement Services team anytime at, or reach out to one of our team members directly.


Jill Doran, Senior Director, Advancement Services | 206.616.8955

Jill leads the CAS Advancement Services team and is responsible for developing and implementing strategies related to the College’s donor and fiscal stewardship practices, prospect management policies, and fundraising and engagement performance analytics.


Lindsay Bailey, Associate Director of Advancement Services | 206.685.7160

Lindsay manages and executes the programmatic suite of stewardship activities the College provides to our donors, including establishing and refining our best practices for communicating and engaging with our stakeholders, evaluating and updating the content and training we provide to our academic partners and serving as a consultant to departments on stewardship best practices.


Rebecca McIntire, Manager, Donor Stewardship Program | 206.685.2606
Becky creates weekly college-wide gift acknowledgments, coordinates endowed faculty appointment stewardship communications and supports other content needs for donor stewardship. She can advise on donor acknowledgments, annual endowed faculty appointment letters to donors, and the gift activity report process.


Wendelin Dunlap, Digital Communications Steward | 206.221.7513
Wendelin provides digital communication production, audience strategy implementation, and data analysis. She manages the production of e-communication requests from CAS departments and CAS Advancement colleagues, allowing for consistent branding/format, intentional inclusion of audience segments, adherence to the pre-planned editorial content calendar, reliable data collection, and accurate and timely analysis of communication engagement.


Safiya Bansfield, Digital Communications Coordinator | 206.543.2235

Safiya works with our department partners, MarComm colleagues, and our Digital Communications Steward to build, approve, coordinate and consult on digital communications related to newsletters, appeals, and events in Marketo and Cvent.


Theresa Mejia, Manager, Endowment & Gift Documentation | 206.616.5373

Theresa executes activities related to endowment and current use gift agreements, including drafting, routing, and recording agreements, as well as communicating about investments and distributions. She serves as a consultant to departments and frontline fundraisers regarding all things agreement related.


Mike Lee, Fiscal Steward Specialist | 206.616.5526

Mike focuses on collaborating with the Dean's Office, central Advancement, and department administrators regarding fiscal stewardship of the College's established gift funds. He provides benchmarking and analysis related to gift fund usage, serves as a resource for interpreting gift agreements and consults on a variety of fiscal stewardship actions including gift agreement amendments, fund reinvestment waivers, and fund spending plans.


Eva Jian, Data & Reporting Analyst | 206.221.7462

Eva manipulates and analyzes data and creates lists, reports, and data visualization documents to meet strategic business needs.


Marjorie Gray, Administrative Assistant for Advancement Services | 206.616.6225
Marjorie provides administrative and project management support for the Advancement Services team as we work to develop processes and report on our progress.


Katelyn Ng, Advancement Services Assistant, Data Management + Stewardship
Katelyn provides key project assistance for the Advancement Services team as we work to steward the College's donors. Katelyn's expertise includes processing donor acknowledgments, creating stewardship documents, tracking donor data, and assisting on special projects.