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Annual Giving

Giving that totals less than $25,000 in a fiscal year and is expected to be annually recurring is considered "annual giving."

Annual giving is the foundation for all University fundraising efforts, providing a stable source of support for the University.

Fundraising for Your Department

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The CAS Marketing & Communications and Advancement Services teams support digital communications for departments and centers using Marketo. As part of our efforts to engage alumni, donors and friends, the College teams have the capacity to support digital departmental communications on a once-a-quarter basis. This support involves building an email, supporting list development, and the delivery of up to one email each quarter. If your department or center wants to send a digital end of year or alternatively timed appeal, you may use your once-a-quarter communication to do so.

Quarters are defined as:

  • Fall (August, September, October)
  • Winter (November, December, January)
  • Spring (February, March, April)
  • Summer (May, June, July)

For departments choosing to send an appeal for their winter quarter communication:

  • Project Inquiry Forms (PIFs) that identify the fund intended to be used in the appeal are due by September 30.
  • Content will be due by the first week of November, and appeals will be scheduled to send by the Digital Communications Steward between the 1st and 20th of December (based on when the content is submitted and in coordination with your department or center.)

All other digital communications require an 8-week timeline from project request to send date.

Note: This quarterly support model does not apply to event communications support. Event invite and registration pages are assessed on a case by case basis, and should be submitted through the Project Inquiry Form (PIF) eight weeks prior to the desired send date.

Husky Giving Day

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The University of Washington's annual Husky Giving Day is about the power of collective action, with a goal tied to encouraging wide participation rather than raising a specific dollar amount. It aims to further develop a culture of celebrating engagement and philanthropy across our UW community and to help increase annual giving retention and acquisition. This day serves as a moment to remind the UW family and broader community of our significant positive impact, much of which is fueled by those who give through the UW to advance the causes they care most about.


This page was last updated 1/25/2021.