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Marketing Communications

The Marketing Communications team at the College of Arts & Sciences provides strategic communications and marketing consultation services for the divisions, departments, centers  and programs as well as the advancement team with the College. 

Best Practices for Advancement: 


Event planning is a critical component in engaging with constituents. Well-planned events provide opportunities for the public, prospective donors, and stakeholders in the College, Department, Center or Program to engage more fully with the College and its many programs. 

Tracking Attendance

Event attendance represents an individual’s level of engagement with the University of Washington, and can often be an indicator of future giving. For this reason, tracking event attendance is crucial for Advancement. Event attendance data can be used to analyze year-over-year attendance for recurring events, generate mailing lists of individuals that might be interested in a particular topic or issue, or to segment other populations based on a shared behavior or affinity.

Tracking event attendance can be done simply by using an Excel spreadsheet to record which individuals were invited to an event and which individuals attended. Once the data is captured in Excel by a department or program, Divisional Advancement Assistants can help to ensure that the data is properly uploaded to Advance through the Constituency Group Code Request form. More information about the Activity Coding process can be found here


The Marketing Communications Event Manager can provide general consultation support, from recommending venues to providing templates and organizational tools that will make planning efforts most efficient. The Event Manager can refer you to vendors or students who are trained in University event standards, when staffing constraints necessiate.