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Regional Advancement

The purpose of Regional Advancement is to strengthen and transform the University of Washington's relationships with its alumni, donors and friends, outside of the Puget Sound area. The Regional Advancement focuses on the areas of the United and the world where the highest concentrations of UW alumni and friends. 

Regional Advancement will partner with a faculty member visiting another part of the Country or the world to set up engagement opportunities and touch points with the University of Washington. 

Partner with Regional Advancement when.. 

  • Staffing the dean, chairs, and faculty when they travel to a region
  • Planning and conducting visits together on the road
  • Organizing small gathering of alumni by discipline or affinity
  • Leveraging faculty expertise and increasing UW awareness in the region through all call events
  • Offering regional alumni pipeline and regional volunteer engagement opportunities
  • Advice on donor strategy, travel preparation, and event planning for regional activity
  • Provide regional talking points, messaging, and materials
  • Visit with current and prospective donors in a region for the purpose of.. 
    • Advancing the relationship toward a major gift
    • Discovering prospective donors in those regions
    • Stewarding current donors