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Fiscal Stewardship

Many donors to the College of Arts and Sciences have chosen to support the University by making either a current use or endowed gift with the intention of transforming the faculty and student experience. One of the most important ways we steward our relationships with our donors is by respecting their intent regarding spending the money that results from their giving. Failure to spend, and spend according to the intent of the donor, can lead to donor relations as well as legal consequences.


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The Advancement Services team has developed the following resources to help as you navigate the topic of fiscal stewardship for your department:



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Please contact the Advancement Services team anytime at with questions or for more information about how we can help your department steward your donors. Additionally, you are welcome to reach out directly to either Theresa on the Advancement Services team or Debbie in the Dean's Office:


Theresa Mejia, Manager, Endowment & Gift Documentation
Advancement Services | 206.616.5373

For spending consultations, amendments, and help locating or reading gift fund agreements.


Debbie Olson, Assistant Director of Finance & Administration
Dean's Office | 206.616.4414

For spending consultations and fund merges/reinvestment requests.