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Although the Advancement Services team sends weekly gift acknowledgements on behalf of the College of Arts & Sciences, your individual department is encouraged to send regular, personal acknowledgements to your donors as well.



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To run a report with information about gifts received by your department in order to craft acknowledgements, please use the EXPRESSthanks tool. If you’re new to EXPRESSthanks or have simple questions about how to use the tool, Information Management has published a User Guide for your reference.


If you, or any of your colleagues that produce gift acknowledgements, are in need of training on the EXPRESSthanks tool, please reach out to Information Management directly at


If you find that you or your staff need access to Advance in order to access EXPRESSthanks (and other reports on Reportal), please complete the Alumni/Donor Database Access Form (and accompanying course in Canvas).


If you were using the Gift Activity Report (GAR) for purposes other than gift acknowledgements, there are several other reports available on Reportal that may meet your reporting needs.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Gift Data Download: Creates a list of gifts to compare against financial systems. Filter by school, division, department and date range. Only gifts from the last two months are available for audit.
  • Summary by Department Detail: Shows Gift, Grant, and Total Giving for each department in the selected school for the current month, year-to-date, prior year-to-date, and the prior fiscal year.
  • Newsfeed: Provides a daily updated running list of donors/donations to a specific department.
    • Under “Who You Are Following” on the far left side of the screen, click “Affiliations;” in the new column, under 1) Select Affiliation Units: click the box next to University of Washington to “check mark” it.
    • Under “What You Are Following” on the far left side of the screen, click “By Unit” under the “Giving” section; in the new column, under Select Gift Allocation Units click the “+” next to University of Washington, click the “+” next to Arts & Sciences, click the “+” next to your Division, and click the box next to your department (or departments) to “check mark” it.

Please share these resources with any colleagues in your unit who process gift acknowledgements. If we can help facilitate this transition from the old Gift Activity Report (GAR) to EXPRESSthanks for your unit in any way, please reach out to Lindsay Bailey, Associate Director of Advancement Services, at


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Please contact the Advancement Services team anytime at with questions or for more information about how we can help your department steward your donors. Additionally, you are welcome to reach out to one of our team members directly:


Lindsay Bailey, Associate Director of Advancement Services | 206.685.7160


Rebecca McIntire, Donor Relations Specialist | 206.685.2606